What I’m Feeling Friday… Girly

With summer being in full swing, I have re-ignited my love of dresses. I find myself window shopping and lusting over beautiful dresses. For the summer I choose maxi dresses more often than not. They are just too easy to pass up. This quote seems to sum up how I’m feeling lately…
FS Rachel Roy e1406845477308 What Im Feeling Friday... GirlyI don’t know if you know it or not but , I am a bit of a tea addict. I recently spent way too much time on Amazon ordering loose leaf teas. One in particular has become my favorite. It’s simply called, “Paris”. I have a  love affair with that place and tend to gravitate toward anything French, Eiffel Tower in nature or Parisian in general. This tea is nice, smooth and sweet. I have been drinking it every day since it arrived.

7.31 029 e1406846525920 What Im Feeling Friday... GirlyI’m also loving braids! I recently decided to try my hands at french braiding my own hair. I hadn’t done a french braid in years! My hair was feeling really weighed down in this heat so I decided to braid it up and pin it up. I ended up with this…

july 29 039 e1406846888276 What Im Feeling Friday... Girly

My baby was caught mid-cheese icon smile What Im Feeling Friday... Girly

I love it! This will be one of my go-to styles now for sure. To make it even better. I wore the braids for a couple of days. When I took them down, I had these beachy waves! Winning! Yep, I’m officially loving braids.

7.31 006 What Im Feeling Friday... Girly

What are you feeling this Friday?

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