I Think I’m Too Busy… Maybe

This weekend went way too fast! There was so much to do and it all got done but I don’t think I’ve had enough time to breathe! On Saturday, my husband was on the run taking our son to his reading class and other father/son errands. I stayed at home to play with my favorite girl. *sidenote* Spending time with her on the swings while she laid her head on my chest was way better than all of the house cleaning I was supposed to be doing.

Once my husband and son returned home, I was off to the dentist. Fun times, right? I got back just in time to meet my friend at my house. We were headed out to do a little Paint and Sip.

July 20 092 e1405906692372 I Think Im Too Busy... MaybeIt’s one of these places where you do a painting while sipping wine. Two friends and myself planned to go months ago and finally made it happen this weekend. It was fun times!

image e1405979553883 I Think Im Too Busy... Maybe

paint and sip bibsbaubles e1405906901126 I Think Im Too Busy... Maybe I won’t say I created a master piece, but I tried! We ended the night with dinner at La Boulange and closed the restaurant down.

July 20 113 e1405906935583 I Think Im Too Busy... Maybe

July 20 118 e1405906954229 I Think Im Too Busy... MaybeWe’ve decided that we must do an overnight girls trip because we obviously have way too much to talk about. Looking forward to it!

Sunday was spent hanging with my family in the morning and nursing my husband back to health. He’d gotten sick Saturday night. After he was on the mend, he sent me off to a meeting I had with other online business owners. We meet once a month to knock out business goals. The meetings are usually all day! We work in 90 minute increments and then take breaks. We check in with each other on our progress and give each other pointers and support. It really is awesome. My business is just over a year old and I have so much work to do. Sessions like this help me make progress and actually get stuff done!

Oh, on another note. The shoes I told you about Friday, came over the weekend. I’m sad to report, they’re too small! I have to send them back. Womp, womp!

Also, now that my son is done with summer camp, he’ll be hanging out with me and his baby sister. I’m excited for all the little adventures I have planned for us!

At the end of the day, I’d say I got some me time and that never happens. I used every second! That was my weekend. How was yours?

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