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10 Life Changing Moments

Tweet Recently, I was checking out People magazine. So random, I know. There was an article with Matthew McConaughey where he shared 10 life changing moments. It got me to thinking about my own life. I started to think about those moments that completely turned my life upside down.  There have definitely been MORE than 10….

Blogging + Brunching

Tweet There’s something to be said for being a part of this blog life. It’s unlike anything else. It’s like a club of sorts. You can look up members of this club wherever you may travel. No matter where you go, you probably know a blogger there. So why not set up some bloggy dates?…

No Pics Leaked Here

Tweet For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading and hearing all about nude pictures leaking of lots of celebrities. Seems like everyone has jumped on the sexting train. Not I. No pics leaked here. I could just be a granny about it all but I think about where that picture would go as it…

Memories – We Made ‘Em

Tweet When people say that moms need a break, believe it! When people tell you that you should get away, do it! I’m back from a much needed retreat! I think that’s what I want to call it anyway, a retreat. Two of my girlfriends and I decided to treat ourselves to an overnight trip….

What I’m Feeling Friday… FITNESS

Tweet This Friday, I’m feeling all kinds of determined. I have talked about my fitness woes before. You all were full of suggestions and support! Love that! 🙂 Things are slowly turning around for me in that area. It all started with Twitter. Yep, Twitter. I got a tweet from a workout group here in…

Story time with a Garden View

Tweet This summer, has been interesting. I have, for the first time, been at home with both of my babies pretty much full time. That has led to us really being a little unit. I love that. It has also led to me being in constant planning mode with finding things for us to do….

Vanity Fair’s #LiftTour

Tweet I am a girls’ girl! I’m always in support of other women and being a cheerleader. It’s just me. I like to see us all win. So, when I was contacted by Vanity Fair to support their #LiftTour I was all in. It’s all a part of Vanity Fair’s new initiative “Women Who Do”….

I Think It’s Already Started… American Girl

Tweet My thought is that it’s inevitable. At some point most little girls develop this love for a baby doll. My daughter is no different. She is absolutely over the moon about her “baby”. She won’t give “baby” a name. I suggested naming here Jasmine. She looked at me and said, “no, BABY”. Her little…

Let’s Start with Grumpy Cat

Tweet It has come to my attention that there are some things that we have gotten so used to that didn’t exist until the last 10 years. I feel the need to point them out.  I mean, somebody has to… Let’s start with Grumpy Cat. Yes, there have been grumpy cats before the “Grumpy Cat”….

The World Cup Invades… the playground

Tweet Yesterday, I got up determined to get out of the house. As much as my kids love being at home, it seems like they need more space to roam for them to get ALL of their sillies out. The issue is, if they don’t get enough running and jumping out of their little systems,…