Pregnant in Heels

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Bravo continues to have me hooked. It all started with the Real Housewives. I’m not sure I really paid much attention to Bravo before then. I occasionally watched Project Runway before it moved to Lifetime and I had seen a few episodes of Queer Eye when it was around. That was the beginning and the end of my viewership of Bravo. Then, the gravy train, that is, the Real Housewives started. I was hooked! It wasn’t immediate, but once they had me… it was over! From New York, Atlanta and Orange County, I can’t get enough of  the crazy. Now there’s Pregnant in Heels! How am I supposed to cope between this and Bethenny? I’m not sure. I am totally fascinated by this show. I remember Rosie Pope from her appearance on Bethenny Getting Married? Side note, still not sure why the title had a question mark. Back to Rosie, I remember her trying to walk Bethenny through the whole mom thing and get her ready for delivery. It was pretty funny considering she didn’t know A THING! Based on that initial encounter, I have to watch.  Really, at this point it’s a must watch for me. It’s a recipe for hilarity. Really rich people, completely outlandish requests. I’m so there. No, Bravo didn’t pay me for this post… but they should!

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2 Responses to Pregnant in Heels
  1. L.A.C.E.
    April 12, 2011 | 7:04 am

    Darn you. Like I NEED more television to PVR lol I haven’t watched BRAVO in years. Well, with the exception of a few months where I watched 3hrs of re runs of NCIS, Law & Order and Without A Trace. Now I must look for this show and pray it doesn’t conflict with my other pvr’d shows.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment 😀

    • Cam
      April 13, 2011 | 12:49 pm

      hee hee…you’re welcome! it might just be your new addiction!

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