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This blog has become more of a labor of love than I ever intended. It gets major love and quite a bit of time from me.

One day, not too long ago, I was talking to my husband about it. He’s the blog’s biggest fan and thinks everyone should be reading it. No pressure! I told him that I should get a magnetic sign for our car and advertise Bibs and Baubles. I was totally joking and thought no more about it. Weeks later I got an email from a company called BuildASign. They offered me, you guessed it, a magnetic sign for my car to promote my blog. I couldn’t make this stuff up!

They make all kinds of stuff to promote businesses. I got a sign for the door of my car and a small one for the back. It cost less than I’d imagined. The signs were easy to design and they look really good. It’s funny to see people drive up and take notice. My husband is like, “that could be another reader”. We’ll see.

All I know is I’m now talking to my husband about what we could do with a few million dollars. Hey, if it worked for the sign…

Disclaimer: I was provided signs for my car. All opinions and commentary are my own.

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18 Responses to Spread the Word!
  1. YUMMommy
    July 25, 2012 | 8:55 pm

    Love BuildASign!

  2. KalleyC
    July 26, 2012 | 6:22 am

    That’s pretty cool. My husband wants to do something like this for his website as well. Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. This Cookn Mom
    July 26, 2012 | 7:28 am

    Wow! This is great. I find a lot of things that I use just by driving and looking a people’s cars.

  4. Amber
    July 26, 2012 | 8:00 am

    If I ever hear someone being obnoxious with their horn on the sign of you on the freeway…it’s me saying hi! LOL

  5. Teems
    July 26, 2012 | 11:02 am

    This is really nice! haha you better speak those millions of dollars into existence. LOL

  6. Tiffany
    July 26, 2012 | 11:10 am

    Look at your with your fancy sign! Congrats, and here’s to many, many more readers for Bibs and Baubles.

  7. Lisa- The Domestic Life Stylist
    July 26, 2012 | 12:13 pm

    I love it!

  8. Bernetta
    July 27, 2012 | 5:31 am

    That is really cool. And I like the sign as well. Very nice, simple and cute! I will look them up!

  9. Nellie
    July 27, 2012 | 6:47 pm

    How cute though! Love the advertising aspect of it!

  10. Stesha
    July 28, 2012 | 10:00 am

    I love it when we speak things into existence! Love your sign and it’s awesome advertising for your blog. You never know who’s riding behind you on their vehicle!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  11. Mimi
    July 29, 2012 | 10:16 pm

    I never thought about that. Hmmm..I may get one for my back window. Even if they only visited once that’s an impression and possible new followers. Thanks for the idea!

  12. Quiana
    July 30, 2012 | 3:39 pm

    That’s a lot of fun! Most folks I know are carless here in NYC but if we move to a car-town I’d definitely consider this =)

  13. Alicia @Mommy Delicious
    August 1, 2012 | 8:16 am

    OMG!!! Are you kidding?! That’s so dope! I love it.

  14. Wayne Lowry
    August 13, 2012 | 3:33 am

    Wow,this is really amazing. You are so lucky and I am happy for the success of your blog.

  15. Laura Parker
    August 16, 2012 | 6:18 am

    This is a wonderful news. Luck is in your way. I think achievement is best for you since you did a great job for your blog.

  16. Debbie Welchert
    August 21, 2012 | 2:55 am

    This is awesome achievement. Good luck on your blog.

  17. Kim
    December 16, 2012 | 1:10 pm

    We always joke about getting a sign for our car too! Maybe I will do this 🙂

    • Cam
      December 16, 2012 | 9:59 pm

      Do it… It couldn’t hurt, right?

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