The Trouble With Groupon

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I love a deal as much as the next person. Maybe more. To that end, I have been stocking up on stuff from every Groupon-like site I’ve come across. As a result I have so many “deals” I can’t even keep track of them, let alone find the time to use them. I recently found a site that compiles all of the deals from various sites into one email to “save time”. Welp, the sucker that I am thought I just had to have that in case there were any deals I’d missed. Of course, the world would stop spinning if I missed a deal. Mistake! What was I thinking. Just more temptation being hand-delivered to my mailbox on a daily. Although I think I must have that bargain mani-pedi or that (insert deal here), I am going to try this “self-control” I’ve heard people speak of.   So, I am putting myself in a time out of sorts. I am not allowed to buy any more “deals” until I use the ones I already have. So the facial, kids CD’s, museum passes, boutique discount and whatever else I’ve been holding on to will be getting used. They have to. Soon. Could this be an addiction? There really should be some group to tell you how to not go too far or get too caught up in the deal of it all. Maybe I should create it? I can’t be on my own in this, right?

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One Response to The Trouble With Groupon
  1. Jessica
    April 6, 2011 | 11:55 am

    I had to put myself in time out as well, these social coupon sites are eating into my funds! 🙂 At first I was like, OMG I have to have this, and now I make myself stop, think about it and recognize whether or not I really can or will use the deal.

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