Writer’s Workshop – New Mommy

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*This post was written as a part of Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop. I chose this prompt:Β  Advice to new mothers.

I became a mom in 2009. I had no idea what to expect when that little test flashed the word “pregnant”. I just knew I was beyond happy. It was almost surreal. As the months went on and my belly grew, I fell more and more in love with this little being occupying space in my mid-section.

I didn’t know if my child would be a boy or a girl I just knew there was genuine love there. Once I gave birth to my son I was in another world. The mystery of this little person had been solved. There were so many more adventures to come and a million lessons to learn. As a new mom, there were some things I wish people had told me before I entered the bliss/fog of new mommyhood.

  • I wish someone could have really explained how exhausted I would be. I totally get why they didn’t though. There are no words for how tired you will be. I’m surprised babies survive considering we operate on fumes for the first few months of their lives.
  • I wish I had known how hard breastfeeding is in the beginning. My journey with breastfeeding started out with a text to my friends informing them that I thought breastfeeding was actually worse than labor! They encouraged me to keep at it and that it would only get better. They were right. When my body stopped producing the white stuff I had a hard time letting go.
  • I wish I had known the kind of pressure a new baby can put on your relationship. That many sleepless nights and the stress of bringing a new life into the world is enough to test the best of us. It can also make us stronger. πŸ™‚

On the other hand:

  • No one told me how inspired I’d be to become everything I’d ever dreamed I could be. It is my goal to be the best example I can be for this little person who calls me Mommy.
  • No one told me how proud I’d be for every.single.little thing my son does or says. Every sentence he strings together, every new thing he figures out makes me beam with pride.
  • No one told me how happy I’d be to see the sweetest little face every morning, and how hard it would be for me to let him go to school each day.

I guess there are some things people can tell you and some things you have to find out for yourself. I’m glad no one told me how much my heart would open up. That’s one thing I loved finding out on my own.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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18 Responses to Writer’s Workshop – New Mommy
  1. Joanne
    September 15, 2011 | 3:51 am

    I’ve seen so many pregnant women around the city lately and it’s really made me want to be parent. This post – so not helping.

    • Cam
      September 15, 2011 | 11:34 pm

      and you make me wanna be a chef. even, right? πŸ™‚

  2. kita
    September 15, 2011 | 5:18 am

    Being a parent is hard work but the rewards are endless. I want another baby but I think I am fine with the two I have I will just get someone else child and keep them for a little while so I can give the baby back.

    • Cam
      September 15, 2011 | 11:35 pm

      nice strategy! HA!

  3. Amber
    September 15, 2011 | 10:30 am

    Awesome post! You look so gorgeous in your pics!

    • Cam
      September 15, 2011 | 11:35 pm

      thanks Amber. Looks like I have a basketball under my dress. πŸ™‚

  4. Cyn & Co.
    September 15, 2011 | 10:46 am

    Beautiful post. Only a mom can see beauty in trials.

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s

    • Cam
      September 15, 2011 | 11:35 pm

      yeah and only after some time has passed. πŸ™‚

  5. Optimistic Mom
    September 15, 2011 | 11:09 am

    I love this post and absolutely cosign everything you are saying.
    I have to say, I breastfed for about 9 months so know that I totally support it….but it does hurt, I don’t care what anyone says! lol
    Your photos are so beautiful!! I wish I had taken more pics now, but I didn’t feel that beautiful.
    Parenthood is priceless and I LOVE my son, even when he drives me crazy! πŸ˜‰

    • Cam
      September 15, 2011 | 11:36 pm

      I’m sure you were gorgeous! That is part of their mission to drive you crazy but they’re so cute you just take it.

  6. Diane@BeStillaMinute
    September 15, 2011 | 2:33 pm

    As hard as motherhood sometimes is, it sure does bring out the best in us, doesn’t it?

    And by the way, it should not be legal to look that good pregnant! I was HUGE. Both times!

    • Cam
      September 15, 2011 | 11:37 pm

      it totally brings out the best in us. And thanks so much for the compliment.. πŸ™‚

  7. Laura@Catharsis
    September 15, 2011 | 5:46 pm

    I agree with your I wish’s. But really, until you’ve experienced it, it’s impossible to understand, no matter how many people tell you about it. Good post!

    • Cam
      September 15, 2011 | 11:38 pm

      sooo very true! it’s one of those “you had to be there” kind of things.

  8. Barbara
    September 16, 2011 | 1:49 am

    That last point was just beautiful. There really isn’t a word to describe the feeling of seeing their little faces every morning!

  9. Baby Shopaholic
    September 16, 2011 | 8:13 am

    What a sweet post! You look so cute preg! Motherhood is amazing!

  10. Natalie
    September 16, 2011 | 6:08 pm

    Yep you just have to go through it to understand it. I felt the same way about breastfeeding in the beginning. You just don’t know what to expect until it happens…hopefully the second go around I’ll be more prepared. πŸ™‚

  11. Jessica
    September 16, 2011 | 11:56 pm

    I like how you did this list with the bad things and the good things. It seems we usually focus on the bad that no one told us and not on the good. I think many of these are difficult to understand until we actually have kids.

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